Thursday, September 19, 2013

MSN-36S Shinigami (Sinanju Stein variant)

Finally done! I give to you, my entry for this year's GBWC, The MSN-36S Shinigami. With this kit, I went back to basics. Thing I hate most was scribing panel lines. But with this kit, I really forced myself to do it. I felt I needed to get out of my comfort zone if not I never be able to move forward.

Since the Unicorn Gundam was based on the Sinanju Stein, I decided to give it a psycoframe which looks similar to the Unicorn Gundam. But of course, nothing as complex as the Unicorn Gundam

Always thought the regular Stein gun wasn't very sexy and since I have 2 rezel cannons to spare, put them together, you have yourself a ready made BFG. It still looks kinda skinny so I decided to use the stein beam rifle as well to make this a thicker feel.

Base looks familiar? Its actually inspired by Toymakers ground work! Since the Shinigami is already full on psycoframed... why not psycoframe the base too! Special thanks to Waylander on giving tips on how to achieve that rocky type surface effect! If you don't already know, these 2 guys are super talented modelers based in Singapore. If you don't already know them, do watch their space! You will definitely learn a thing or two. 

A Dendrobium was killed in the process. Mechanical chain bases were already going out of style.

And it is done. I've really learnt a lot from this project. And from here on out it is only going to get tougher. Again, just wanna give thanks to my family and friends for all the support and patience! You know who you are! Without you guys I would definitely not have been able to finish this one. it was a really fun and good learning experience!


  1. Wow! Jesus this is SO cool. The design especially is amazing. I am VERY impressed. Thanks!

  2. ... a really fantastic job! I make you my compliments.

    1. thanks! took a lot of time and effort for this one. but definitely a stepping stone to make better work in the future. Appreciate it bro!