Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MG Zeta Gundam Strike White Z ver. Evolve 9 Modeled by Enterprise

hey guys. i will be featuring my friend's work on this blog as well. Jay aka Enterprise has been doing model kits with me since day 1. we met each other when we first started learning the hobby back at Mr Nakamoto's hobby shop at parklane. Since then we became really good friends. he always encourage me to do better with my gundam cos im a very lazy modeller. anyway this is one of his latest work. this amazing zeta resin conversion kit. he decided to go with the prototype theme instead of the original blue and white. i think it turn out very well. looks more menacing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mg Legend Gundam

Haven't been updating my blog for almost almost a year already. Guess i have been rather busy playing games and catching up with my friends.. This project has been in the backlog for almost 3 years already and like i said in the the first few post it was meant to be for last year's bakuc where me and my buddy jay kinda combine a diorama of Legend vs Strike Freedom. But i guess it didnt go according to plan. Anyway here are some pictures i took with my sis camera and my iphone.