Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MG G Bouncer wip4

Ok the main suit of the G Bouncer is finally completed. After much procrastination, The White Wolf second mobile suit has been panel lined and decal-ed. Unfortunately, i couldn't make the weapon in time for the Gunplanatic competition. anyway here are just some pics for now. Overall i am pretty satisfied with the overall look of this MS. As i am a noob at scratchbuilding, i actually cant believe i managed to pull this off. And the shoulder mods was always giving me a bad ass headache. Plus an all white colour scheme always seems too daunting to begin with. Guess you won't know till you try. please forgive me for the bad pictures.. i promise to give this kit a decent photoshoot when i am done with it. This is what i have for now.

MG ReZEL Long Range Type

Hi guys. This is another ReZEL Custom with some minor modifications to the kit. Was actually intended to give him more weapons to add to its arsenal however decided to just keep it simple. This build has been a really enjoyable one.

Added some hydraulic pistons in the torso to give it a more advanced look. Some armor trimming done on the legs and hands.

The BFG could have been further improved on. Guess i ran out of ideas with this one.

Monday, March 25, 2013

MG Zeta Gundam (extra fit) modeled by Enterprise

Hey everyone. This is resin masterpiece done by Enterprise. The Zeta Gundam (extra fit version). This is a really nice piece of work and the sheer amount of details from this resin is just simply amazing. The inner frame used to complete this model kit is an mg freedom gundam btw.. Top notch paint job dude. kudos. also the decal placement is very nicely done up.

MG Gundam 00 Qan(T) Full Saber modeled by Enterprise

Another masterpiece finished by Enterprise. This is also his entry to the 2013 Gunplanatic Group Build competition. Personally after watching the 00 movie, i wasn't really a big fan of this gundam. But i must say very good effort on making this model kit come to live. It was a joy to see this in person. anyway let the pictures speak for themselves.