Monday, November 1, 2010

Mg Legend Gundam

Haven't been updating my blog for almost almost a year already. Guess i have been rather busy playing games and catching up with my friends.. This project has been in the backlog for almost 3 years already and like i said in the the first few post it was meant to be for last year's bakuc where me and my buddy jay kinda combine a diorama of Legend vs Strike Freedom. But i guess it didnt go according to plan. Anyway here are some pictures i took with my sis camera and my iphone.

Some pics of the Base (Inspired by DC23)

Took me quite awhile to finish the whole thing. Cause there were afew disasters with the kit i had to handle. Like cracking and I lost a piece from the gun. The scope just dropped out and i didn't realise until last night when i was having supper at Wan To Sek. I rushed home to search the whole house. Finally found it near the spraying area at 3am in the morning.

Anyway here are some of the wip if u guys wanna see.

This has been the only project i have done this year. Very unproductive. And now it is time for me to move to some resin conversion kit. Will be posting more pics when i am done. For those taking part in Bakuc. i will see you and your masterpiece there. :)

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