Monday, September 2, 2013

The Grim Reaper


When the first Sinanju Stein was stolen by Full Frontal and the remnants of Neo Zeon, it was later revealed that there was a second unit hidden away some place safe. Rumors said that past suitable test pilots who have taken the second unit out for trial runs either went insane, screaming and shouting about something evil and demonic about the MS while others went into a coma or died of shock from the MS' g-force. It was a lost cause so the Stein was later decommissioned and sent into cold storage.

After hearing all the stories of this mysterious MS, Lt Jake had a received orders from the higher ups. He and his men were ordered to go on a mission to retrieve and destroy the cursed MS as there were news of Full Frontal and the Neo Zeon already in search of the MS. After months of searching, Lt Jake and his team of Rezel ace pilots finally found the MS in an abandoned space colony hangar.

An eerie breeze greeted them as they stood right in front of the MS. As the men were preparing to nuke the cursed MS, Lt Jake instinctively climbed into the MS and vaporized his men with its beam cannon in cold blood, leaving only his best friend, Sgt Kieron. He claimed that the MS called out to him, telling him to shoot down every last one of his men as it was their time to die. Fearing for his life, Sgt Kieron barely managed to escaped in his ReZel. That was the last time, anyone had seen Lt Jake.

Up till this day, no one has actually seen the Shinigami Stein. It is said that whenever there were traces of red glowing residue on the battlefield or on wrecked mobile suits, it was the doing of the Shinigami Stein.

Attached at the top is the only photo taken by Sgt Kieron as he was escaping in his ReZel which was only recovered many years later.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Designed as a high speed combat unit, the MSN-36S Shinigami Stein is able to move at six times the speed of its predecessor, the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein. This MS is equipped with eight boosters on it's back along with four massive Base Jabber Type 94 vernier-boosters. Additionally, four more thrusters had to be added to each leg, in order for the MS to achieve precise movements at maximum velocity.

The Shinigami Stein has no defensive armament as it moves so fast, its pilot is able to predict when his enemies attack will reach him. This MS required pilots of a certain skill level as it was designed to push the limits of its psycoframe performance.

The Shinigami Stein is built from psycoframe material and also equipped with a Psycommu system just like its predecessor. When the Shinigami Stein's psycoframe activates, it emits a demonic-red glow across the suit which generates a Psyco-field. Unlike the Unicorn "Psycommu Jack" abilities, anything that comes within a certain range of the the Shinigami Stein's demonic psyco-field will induce strong feelings of wanting to die in enemy pilots or inviting them to embrace death unconditionally. It has the ability to make its enemies go into a state of shock and would suddenly want to commit suicide.


Hyper Beam Saber x 2,
  •  Beam Sabers so powerful it emits a long and powerful beam capable of destroying carriers/assault landing ships in a single sweep.
Missile Pods x 6
  • Each missile pod carries sixteen purgatory missiles. Each of these mysterious missiles generates a black hole when it detonates, creating a vacuum which sucks victims into an unknown alternate dimension. Those who have survived it described it as entering the jaws of death.
High Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon
  • At maximum output, its beam has such a high power rating, it can destroy anything and can even penetrate the strongest I-field. This weapon is highly customized it also supports ultra-long-range sniping for precision firing. Sensors are built into the weapon to adjusts the power output according to the target's distance, and could be manually controlled via the mobile suit's psycoframe system. Its power output rivaled that of the main cannons of UC battleships. To improve accuracy, this weapon can also be controlled by newtype psycommu waves and the suit's psycoframe.

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