Thursday, January 17, 2013

MG G-bouncer wip 2

Hey guys.. here are some minor updates.
So far, the outline of the GB is already there. Only parts left to do is the chest piece and shoulders.. Then on to the shield and the gun.. :) and after that, the detailing begins..
so this is the overall look of the GB.

Front view

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MG G-bouncer wip 1

Hey everyone..
This will be the first project for 2013.. The mg g-bouncer.

For those of you who do not know, the g-bouncer is the third mobile suit is piloted by the super pilot Woolf Enneacle of gundam age.

I know most of you guys didn't like the way gundam age series ended. I hated it myself. But I also did fall in love with the first 2 generation storyline. And ofcoz heartbroken that Woolf had to die at the end of it..

I've always liked the g-bouncer very much and one day I stumbled upon a video of a 1/44 g bouncer review. And realized that hey! The g bouncer is v similar to the gundam age spallow. So I thought maybe this will be a good conversion to kick start 2013.. Time to play with some epoxy and sharpen my modeling skills again

So here's what I have so far.. Let's hope I don't have to rush this project for the gunplanatic competition coming in June..