Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MG Legend Gundam WIP

Hello again...
This was the initial plan for this year's bakuc.. the Mg Legend conversion.
In this project. i will attempt to use Mg Destiny's frame.
Destiny is supposedly the twin of Legend just like Justice and Freedom.
But like no motivation right now.. Plus after watching gundam 00 series.. zomg!!!
anyway here are some of the wip pics.

managed to bash the frame into the legend's armor for the leg mod.

haha i donno wad im trying to do here la but oh well...

Some mods for the chest. Needs further improvement.

Some of the shoulder mods. just adding plaplate for now..

See how it goes. if its too slow i mught even get a chance to send it in for next year's bakuc. lols..


  1. Time to clip those nails jeong! btw,i thought u were gona grant me some painting? haha

  2. already did! :p
    ok let me know when ur free lor.
    haha. but during my holidays ok. school this sem is quite tight

  3. Sir, can you share with me more wip pictures of this? I'll be doing the same project