Saturday, January 8, 2011


This year is gonna be a great year even though i dislocated my shoulder on the 2nd day of 2011. firstly i should be graduating towards the end of the year. then i will have more time to do some gundams. i have been slacking off for way too long. I've actually planned a Gunpla to do list for the year 2011. hopefully i can accomplish all of the projects. :)

Gunplat to do list of 2011:
1. Infinite Justice resin conversion. (first time i'm actually working on resin) :/
2. 1/35 Freedom Head for Ebasenet groupbuild (More Resin)
3. Mid Year Competition piece. (still have no idea what to do)
4. Sinanju FWS (something like Toymaker's but definitely not to that standard)
5. Bakwc piece.

its only 5 projects. i'll try my best to work on it. :) last year was super unproductive as i only managed to complete my MG conversion of the Legend gundam. :(

anyway happy new year to all :) may we all have a great year ahead

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