Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GBWC 2012 afterthoughts

This year's GBWC has many impressive entries especially the big 4, TM's Odin, Waylander's Morrigan, Jaef's Dra-C and ofcourse last but not least Benjamin aka Izakku81's Banshee. Singapore's modellers have truly reached world class standards. I've been in this hobby for almost 10 years now. i probably started the same time Toymaker did. But im still at a very sub-standard level while everyone else is moving to new heights.

i always had this mentality that since bandai was coming up with so many nice and detailed kits i thought maybe it was time for me to slack off and just do everything OOB. With this i decided to just take things way too easy. The only few projects i did push myself was my MG Justice, MG Impulse coversions using the Freedom frame and an MG Legend from the Destiny gundam frame. eversince then, everything else was just oob from there on.

This shouldn't be my mentality. i should be hungry for more. take myself to the next level. Waylander has only just started and his works are so damn freaking impressive. i really should be ashamed of myself. and when i talked to Toymaker the other day at Compass Point and voiced my opinions about the impressive entries compared to the rest. there's really nothing to say actually. it all comes down to hard work and the desire to out do myself each time.

so from now on i will try my best to become better than ever. so to my lovely GF i hope i can have ur understanding. haha. i love u. but i should start loving my gundam again.

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  1. Hey dude,

    Chanced upon your blog :) I believe you can go to greater heights once you set your sights on the target. It's a matter of time.

    PS: I like you Deathscythe a lot...