Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MG G Bouncer wip4

Ok the main suit of the G Bouncer is finally completed. After much procrastination, The White Wolf second mobile suit has been panel lined and decal-ed. Unfortunately, i couldn't make the weapon in time for the Gunplanatic competition. anyway here are just some pics for now. Overall i am pretty satisfied with the overall look of this MS. As i am a noob at scratchbuilding, i actually cant believe i managed to pull this off. And the shoulder mods was always giving me a bad ass headache. Plus an all white colour scheme always seems too daunting to begin with. Guess you won't know till you try. please forgive me for the bad pictures.. i promise to give this kit a decent photoshoot when i am done with it. This is what i have for now.

Once again thanks for viewing.
As always, C&Cs are most welcome!
Till next post.

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