Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre GBWC 2013

2012 was definitely a very good year for most gunpla modelers in Singapore. We had the mid year competition, a gunpla expo, a few group builds here and there and also, who can forget the biggest event of the year, GBWC.

If you missed out on GBWC 2012 Singapore last year, you can check out Toymaker and Waylander's blogs to knock your socks off lol! Just from Singapore alone, we could already see many world class entries, not to mention those monster entries.

Coming into 2013, it seems like Singapore has gone into a slump. Our mid year competition was overlooked and only after many months of MIA, Bandai has finally announced the dates for this year's GBWC only last week. And already most of us are having mixed feelings about the dateline being so early this year. We only have about 70+ days left to prepare for it.

So what do I hope to achieve for this year's GBWC? Well, after being in this hobby for so many years, I feel like my skills have reached a plateau and has been stagnant for a very long time. I have always been more of the "safe" modeler. Happy just being in my own comfort zone and never trying new things. Its high time I leveled up and do something different.

Just wanna give a shoutout to my friends who have motivated and guided me through this process and also for showing me the doorway to reaching the next level. You know who you are.

Anyway enough said. Need to stop procrastinating and time to catch fire.

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