Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mg Gundam Exia

Hey guys...
Some pictures of my holiday project. the mg exia. Spent almost 2 weeks plus on this guy. and my holiday is almost over already. :( Was quite lazy with this kit since its like a refresher kit as i have been away from modelling for quite abit. sadly.. this guys has 0 modifications. but it did turn out quite well.. except for one of the transparent green parts. i accidentally dropped it into my enamel wash while i was sleeping. thank god it didn't crack. other than that.. its been a really fun kit to build. another sad thing is that i have been running around the whole of singapore trying to get the mg decals. everywhere was out of stock. i guess maybe because bakuc is coming up and many will send the exia kit too.. aha shit! enough said. here are some pictures. will be sending this in for bakuc. :) enjoy

This is the Base i will be using. Didn't do a good job on masking the base very well. but it was really painful doing this one.

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