Thursday, January 17, 2013

MG G-bouncer wip 2

Hey guys.. here are some minor updates.
So far, the outline of the GB is already there. Only parts left to do is the chest piece and shoulders.. Then on to the shield and the gun.. :) and after that, the detailing begins..
so this is the overall look of the GB.

Front view

Side view

Back view

In the pic below, some of the internal frame on the chest piece had to be trimmed off in order to fit on the new chest armor which will be scratch built in the future.


Shoulder armour is still far from completion. used the left over parts of my old project MG Legend to add detail to the shoulder.

The back pack had to be chopped up. so i used some epoxy to fill in the holes and also included some ball-joints to the pieces for easy mounting. 1/44 raiser parts were used for the back pack thrusters.

So this is what i have done so far for this kit. hopefully my noob scratch building skills wont make this guy look ridiculous when everything is done up. till the next update, keep adding oil!

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