Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MG G-bouncer wip 1

Hey everyone..
This will be the first project for 2013.. The mg g-bouncer.

For those of you who do not know, the g-bouncer is the third mobile suit is piloted by the super pilot Woolf Enneacle of gundam age.

I know most of you guys didn't like the way gundam age series ended. I hated it myself. But I also did fall in love with the first 2 generation storyline. And ofcoz heartbroken that Woolf had to die at the end of it..

I've always liked the g-bouncer very much and one day I stumbled upon a video of a 1/44 g bouncer review. And realized that hey! The g bouncer is v similar to the gundam age spallow. So I thought maybe this will be a good conversion to kick start 2013.. Time to play with some epoxy and sharpen my modeling skills again

So here's what I have so far.. Let's hope I don't have to rush this project for the gunplanatic competition coming in June..

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