Sunday, October 20, 2013

MG Jesta (first look)

Okay so GBWC is finally over. Time to move on to the next project, the Jesta Group Build by Poison Monkeys. For those who are interested to join in the fun. Here is the link to sign up for it:

So as soon as the MG Jesta was snapfitted, many ideas struck me because this cannon fodder is just so darn sexy. So what should I try with this kit. Jesta Cannon? Everyone is pretty much going to do their own version of a Jesta Cannon. So these were a few concepts that I thought of myself for this project.
Jesta Cannon?
This is my version. But I decided to scrap the idea for obvious reasons.
Jesta with a modified Base Jabber?
Stark Jagsta
Finally decided to go with this concept.
The Stark Jagsta. This is gonna be a high speed heavy weapons type. But before I continue with anymore, its time to sleep. Two Weeks of AWESOME ARMY and jungle training starting tomorrow! WOOHOO..!

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