Monday, October 21, 2013

MG Jesta wip

So I wanted to do a souped up jesta custom. Took some references and concepts from modelers around. Seems like everyone is doing their own version of a jesta cannon Or some souped up jesta with lots of big guns.

So I decided to do a high speed jesta type. At first I thought maybe a stark jesta was cool but I started adding more stuff to the backpack and ended up with this. 

Definitely needs more detail though.. You guys can probably already guess what parts were used for this pack LOL..

The leg armor was rather bare. So decided to add a little bit of detail to it. Seeing from these wips, it seems like my basics are still not there yet.. Can't scribe perfect lines.. Guess enough practice will lead to perfection. I'm going on a short gundam break.. My nation needs me. Hopefully when i get back, I will still have the motivation and drive to carry on. Till then, watch this space! 

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