Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bakuc 2009

2 days ago. i finally recieved a phone call. Sheng Tai called me and told me that i was shortlisted for Bakuc 2009. haha u have no idea how long i've waited for this phone call. The worse thing is that my phone is spoilt. The other party will not be able to hear my voice. lol! shit. I also have not finished my bakuc piece cos i didnt have motivation thinking i wasn't shortlisted.

Add oil Add oil.
Woke up in the morning 9am.
Finished panel lining my Overflag and the other dio parts just before 2pm. I used silver enamel for a panel wash. a word of caution.. it is NOT easy to clean silver enamel wash. zzzz. Didn't make the shading too prominent. so quite disappointed.

Foong was kind enough to drop me off. On the way there.. i saw the underneath of the overflag and apparently i forgot to clean off the panel wash. FUCK!!!
Packed everything and left for Takashimya.

Met my buddy Jay (Enterprise) at basement 2 and he was kind enough to help me buy some enamel to clean off the panel wash. The wings cracked after cleaning off abit. Shit happens all the time lol. First was the exia ffrosting up and now the wings cracked. Esp when the entry title is God Doesn't Exist. maybe the big guy up there is sending me a message. lol... Sibei fking sian! Guess i just have to do some modification or scratchbuild a new pair of wings when i retrieve my kit.

Jay sent in his White Strike Freedom. Entry name: Where Legends Are Made. His work is really getting much better kit after kit. And i feel mine being freaking stagnant. Oh well. The good thing was our work were placed together so i didn't feel too lonely. Bad thing was.. it was next to the crazy crazy insane Zaku made by Jaef. One look and u will know, he is the winner. Fwah!!

Also, i met Benjamin (Izakku) and talked to him abit. Quite a nice and friendly chap. Considering he is one of Singapore's top few modellers. He sent in a super customized Unicon. Which comprises of 3 mg unicon kits and many other parts. Entry title: Overdrive (in German) All their works are damn good. sigh. need to level up! I think once i graduate i will try to finish up my backlog fast. haha..

Left at 4 for class. zzz. didnt wanna go but my friend scolded me. and i felt bad. And so i left. Haven't seen all the other entries yet. Will go down this weekend to see somemore. Hopefully this year is gonna be good. :)

Oh and yes..
Happy birthday Pear CG
Cheer up Michie. :/


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