Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009 Bakuc Entry: God Doesn't Exist.

It is the year 2307. Fossil fuels have run dry, but mankind has obtained a new surce of energy; three enormous Space Elevators equipped with massive solar power generation systems. However, the only ones able to reap the benefits of these systems are three superpower groups.
Each superpower group is pursuing an immense zero-sum game for its own prestige and prosperity.
In this world of never-ending warfare, a private armed organization appears whose mission is to "eradicate warfare with force". The possessors of GUNDAM mobile suits are knowsn as CELESTIAL BEINGS. We begin the armed intervention to all warfare with GUNDAM.

Managed to get rid of the frosting problem. But the blue parts of the Exia had to be repainted. The chest part needed modding as it was badly damaged and couldnt be sand down. But after some modifications, it looks alright.
Sadly Shentai hasn't call me. Maybe this year's entries are really good. Ah well. have to work harder i guess :) anyway...

Here are the pics:

Exia takes on an Overflag in a Union's main basecamp.
Setsuna: Exia. Eliminating target.

Gramham: Do not underestimate the power of a Flag Fighter!

Siam ah....!

An overview of the base.

Missing: Some little Union men

Will put more pics up when i have time. :/

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