Friday, November 13, 2009

lame bug..

hello again..

some asshole bug decided to lay eggs on one of dragoon system of the very first gundam that i have ever airbrushed, the providence. how retarded. does it even look like a nesting ground for bugs??? who the fuck does it think it is. to lay its eggs on my gundam! zzzz

maybe the bug hates raw le cruz.

went down to takashimya again last nite to see the remaining entries which i have missed out with keith foong and jay. alot alot of impressive works. but i didn't see anything from Kenny (toymaker) or leon ku, 2 of Sg finest modellers.

Still got shit loads of backlogs. what should i do next. haiz... choices choices..

anyway for those who play world of warcraft. this came out from the wow website. But the mods would be insane. but would be very nice to try. but.. maybe not in the near future. atleast not for me. lol

Tier 2 Paladin Armor Custom. so pretty!

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